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Michael Tenedero is a skilled graphic designer who has a broad knowledge and experience with logo and character design, flyers, packaging, and other promotional materials and advertising. He worked with different industries of design such as Advertising, Garments, Print Design, Photography and Offset Printing /Production. His experiences from these industries have given him extensive knowledge of companies’ needs.

As an in-house graphic designer of a corporate company, he realized that there was more to being an 8-hour employee. Ambitious to establish a name in the industry, he decided to make a difference. He created a team consisting of a web developer, programmer, and graphic designer, which was later known as the BIG Q MEDIA. The “Big Q” or the “Big Question” was inspired by the fact that a brainstorming session of an advertising campaign usually started with a question. Through teamwork and determination, they found a glimpse of limelight. Unfortunately, the members’ personal differences inevitably led BIG Q MEDIA to dissolve.

Still motivated to continue, Michael Tenedero created GREENLIGHT GRAPHICS. With the help of some artists and web developers, its first self-designed website was launched in 2010. GREENLIGHT GRAPHICS lasted for more than four (4) years from 2010 to 2015. It provided various clients with a signature work from all advertising aspects from packaging design, website and social media ads to printed ad materials. It found its way in the industry and was known through good referrals. Its clients were Hacienda Macalauan Inc (HMI), Delmonte Land Transportation Bus Company (DLTBCo), Novaliches Eye Center (Novagen), and BSFil Technologies Inc.

With increased skill and knowledge in the industry, GREENLIGHT GRAPHICS has been renamed as MAYK after its founder, Michael Tenedero. MAYK has continued to provide the best services in graphic design specializing in logo design and branding and has stayed true to its commitment of providing its signature: quality artworks.