graphic design process

How We Do It?

Our workflow and process

We give our best in every concept that we present and we make sure that it is worth what you are paying for. With a proper briefing, we give a customer a reasonably fast turnaround. We also assure our customers that the approved and purchased artwork or design is print and web ready. How do we do all these?

First, we hear it from you. We are all ears with our customers especially in our initial briefings with them. The proper briefing would help us accomplish the task. From our experience, what customers’ frequently want is something “unique” that would make them stand out. That is why, it is crucial that we find a way to take you there for you to be on top.

Second, we put in our research. Research is essential to our work. After an initial briefing with a customer, we gather information on the type of business, what design and theme would work, and the desired output or imagery a customer envisions. We always do our homework; we study your business and see how we can make it unique from others.

Third, we apply our expertise. Our experiences from different industries have given us the edge among the rest. Geared with experience and the customer’s instructions that we keenly follow, we present creative and unique concepts and discuss these with our customers.

Lastly, it will always be “Your Way”. We are ready to modify the concepts that we created just to meet customers’ standards. We prioritize the requested modifications to efficiently and effectively achieve the desired result. Even though we are experts in design, we will still follow how you want it and find a way to make it your own. We will find a way to make it better. You will always be the customer. We will always respect your ideas and give you a sense of true service and hospitality, a freedom to say how you feel about the design and what you like us to do. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR SUPREME RULE.